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Where content creators, services providers and daily customers all meet together

The Tip Token Platform is a decentralized place where all the TTT transactions are centralized, allowing everyone to monitor and manage the tips sent and received.

More than a simple board tool, users create and manage their Short Address Names (SAN) here.
Indeed, the SAN are minted for free directly from the platform (web-platform or the App) and can be sold and purchased through our marketplace.
With their SAN, tippers get a custom image called the Sanage. This image works like an enhanced SAN QR code and can be scanned with TTT’s App, linking directly to the associated wallet address.

Moreover, tippers will be able to monitor their monthly TTT transactions, making them automatically eligible for the Proof of Action (PoA) reward.
Every month, the 20 addresses who made the most TTT transactions will be rewarded with thousands of TTT.

What do we want to achieve?

The Tip token, working on the Ethereum blockchain, intends to use its smart contract capabilities to create the first real world decentralized and automated solution for tipping anyone, anywhere, upon any conditions, with transactions taking place at near instant speeds.

The TTT token and Platform ambitions differ from current digital currencies by aiming to:

Reward tippers every month

We contribute and encourage the use of TTT tokens as a means for conducting transactions using TTT’s Proof of Action Algorithm. The PoA rewards users for consistently using TTT as a value transaction.
Every month, the 20 users with the most TTT transactions will be rewarded with thousands of TTT.

Simplify the address system

TTT & the SAN technology considerably simplify the blockchain address system by replacing the traditional 40 characters public key utilized to identify an individual’s wallet with personalized Short Address Names attached to each wallet.

The SAN minted on the platform are linked to custom images, the Sanage, generated at its creation. This image can be scanned directly from your phone thanks to TTT’s App.

The SAN and the Sanage allow content creators and services providers to be tipped by their customers in just 1 click!

Revolutionize the way you manage your wallets

TTT’s platform not only offers a place to create and manage your SAN and Sanage but it also provides a marketplace where every single SAN can be sold / bought and linked to an ERC20 wallet.

Manage your tips, your Short Address Names, your monthly Proof of Action rewards, the ongoing games and challenges and list your website or app for customers to notice you; all this on TTT’s platform!


TTT is an ERC20 token.

Crowdsale start

June 13, 2018 (10:00 AM GMT)

TTT total supply

600 000 000 TTT

Crowdsale end

July 01, 2018 (11:00 PM GMT)

Crowdsale Rate

1 ETH = 11 700 TTT, 1 TTT = 0.045$

Minimum transaction amount

There is no minimum

Maximum transaction amount

15 ETH


1 439 267 TTT tokens have been sold
Congratulations to every participant

Initial Token Distribution

  • Ecosystem & Airdrops
  • Team
  • Sales

Sale Proceed Allocation

  • Branding & Marketing
  • Infrastructure
  • Exchange Listings
  • Developments

The Lottery System

The ITO is over but we will still conduct TTT lotteries in our telegram group.
Just be active in the group and you will be automatically eligible to earn 500 TTT several times a week.

Token burns

In order to reduce the total supply, the unsold tokens will be burnt.
There will be 3 phases:

  • 50 000 000 TTT tokens will be burnt in August
  • 62 000 000 TTT tokens will be burnt in October
  • 100 000 000 TTT tokens will be burnt in December


Here are the main TTT milestones for 2018.

Crypto Riddles : A journey to Ceres

Crypto Riddles is a TTT game based on riddles & enigmas.

By playing CR Chapter I, you will pursue a quest across the solar system and taking place more than 300 years in the future.


Year 2344, most of the solar system has been colonized.
While Mars and Earth are at war for more than 3 decades, the asteroid belt, governed by Ceres, has recently gained its independence.
Selling ice and fuel to both Martians and Earthlings ships, Ceres is playing a dangerous but lucrative game and a lot of people are trying to reach the dwarf planet to build themselves a fortune.
However, even if the reward could be substantial, the trip to Ceres is extremely dangerous.


During this chapter I, you will live an entertaining adventure for more than a month across the solar system, solving numerous riddles in order to win up to 100 000 TTT.

Using clues from websites, movies, radio channels or even physical locations, you will progress from a riddle to another until you reach your final goal and win the CR Chapter I reward.

Work alone or as a team but be the first to solve all the riddles!

So sharpen your mind and get ready for the greatest crypto adventure of our solar system !

Website : Crypto Riddles
Twitter : @CryptoRiddles

TTT's Team

Meet our higly motivated team composed of people from all around the globe!

Nicolas Nups
CEO & Co-founder
Jonathan Teel
CTO & Co-founder
Bayou Bobby
Faisal Khan
Community Manager
Nick Henry
US Market Expansion Manager
Alex Honcharuk
Solutions Architect Consultant
Phurpa Thapa
Systems Engineer
Marc Van Dijk
Dutch Market Expansion Manager

The Advisory board

Micheal O'Brien
Food Service & Catering Industry Advisor
V. N.
Corporate Law & Legal Advisor
Mazhar Khan
Community Development & Social Marketing Advisor

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Tip Token (TTT)?

TTT is a fully decentralized Token built on the Ethereum blockchain. It provides a fast and simple way to tip anyone around the globe, instantly; thanks to a considerable simplification of the blockchain address system.

How did the idea of TTT come to existence?

Nowadays, the most prevalent act of tipping occurs in the Service Industry, in gratitude for a good service in social settings such as Bars & Restaurants. However, this accounts for a minority of the tipping use cases. Thus, shouldn’t we also consider the other use cases where people deserve a tip for their services, which represents the vast majority? TTT is here to change this and revolutionize the way we tip.

How do I contribute to The Tip Token?

You can contribute to the community by tipping people, playing community games, participating in monthly update ideas, joining the beta testing program and much more.

How does the referral system work?

For every person referred, the referrer earns 100 TTT per ETH his referred user spends in the Initial Token Offering.

Is there a maximum supply of TTT?

The total supply of TTT tokens is 600 000 000.

What is the minimum and maximum contribution to participate in the sale?

Minimum: None Maximum: 15 ETH

Can I use any ERC-20 wallet to participate in the Initial Token Offering?

NO! Do not send any funds from exchanges (coinbase included) or you will lose your tokens. We recommend

Do I need to register to participate in the Initial Token Offering?

YES! You need to register to the whitelist to participate in the ITO.  

Who can participate in the sales?

US citizens, Chinese citizens & Singapore citizens cannot participate in the sale, except if they are accredited investors.

When will the token be distributed?

The tokens will be distributed within the day after your participation.

How much TTT will I get from 1 ETH?

1 ETH = 11 700 TTT 1 TTT = 0.045 $

“When moon?”

It is a tough question. We aim to enter the top 100 marketcap by the end of the year and we have a lot of surprises incoming before this date.

Do I need to do KYC?

NO. However, we will need basic personal information that you will fill when you register on our website.

What is TTT's contract address?

Here are the information you need to add TTT on platforms like my ether wallet : Token Contract Address : 0x24358430f5b1f947B04D9d1a22bEb6De01CaBea2 Token Symbol : TTT Decimals : 18

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